Izzi 3D printers

Izzi 3D printers are designed and manufactured in Croatia. With patented photopolymer resin leveling technology, printing features incredible precision, making it suitable for industries that require highly precise details such as jewelers or dental laboratories.

Patented MSLA technology

Incredible precision and speed

Printing of specialized materials

Designed for numerous industries

Izzi 3D printers

IZZI Ortho

Industrial machine for the production of clear aligners is intended for offices with a high production volume of clear aligners. Users are enabled to significantly save time and facilitate handling with innovative solutions such as internal storage of materials, automatic leveling and mixing of materials, and easy removal of models without the use of gloves and spatulas. Patented technology enables precise printing with a high degree of reproducibility.

Key Points:

  • Ultra fast 3D print 1mm/min or 15min/build plate
  • 13.6” build plate 298x165mm
  • 500-600 dental models/8h
  • Unique TOP DOWN LCD monochrome
  •  Leveling system – patented
  • Auto refill system – internal resin tank
  • Auto model arrangement
  • Hollow print


For the past six years we have been producing clear aligners and in that period we have treated more than 2000 patients, from simple to most complex cases. During that time we have tested at least 10 different types of printers. The problems with these printers usually ranged from print speed to precision and very often insufficient reliability which meant we had to repeat prints to obtain a precise model. We are currently printing with an Izzi Dentalia industrial printer that can fit over 30 models onto its large platform and prints them in under 30 minutes which enables us to work usual 8 hours during which we can print up to 500 models. Once we realized that we can have a printed model in under 20 minutes, we started to shift the production of the retainers completely over to 3D printing technology. We are currently in the process of procurement of a smaller printer for our secondary location and completely abandoning the usage of plaster.
Karlo Sudarevic, Doctor of Dental Medicine and Specialist in Orthodontics, owner and CEO at Dental Clinic Fiziodent in Zagreb
Best choice for in house 3D printing. We test different matterials here at the Faculty of Dentistry. We combine testing on biocompatible materials and biodegradebale ones and we do it on IZZI printers. Simplicity of changing material vessel on IZZI printers is an apsoulte win because it allows testing to be faster and much cleaner than before.
Josko Viskic, University of Zagreb, School of Dental Medicine

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